Heads Up Display

  • Augmented reality eyewear is great for providing turn-by-turn navigational cues, but a lot of the goggles and visors have a kind of tech-nerdy vibe. Blucap Moto sunglasses are different, in that they won't make you look like a Sheldon Cooper wannabe.
  • While HUD (Head-Up Display) technology is becoming increasingly common in cars and even motorcycle helmets, it's still largely unavailable to cyclists. That could soon change however, if the SoulRS helmet-mounted HUD reaches its crowdfunding goal.
  • At its Inno Day convention, Oppo has revealed that it's having a crack at wearable head-up displays. The Air Glass smart monocle projects useful information like daily tasks, navigation and real-time translations right in front of a user's eye.
  • When you're changing lanes on a motorcycle while wearing a full-face helmet, performing shoulder checks can be difficult. The Revan "dashcam" system is designed to help, by providing users with a heads-up display (HUD) of their blind spots.
  • Arguably the thing that killed Google Glass was how dorky they looked. Whether or not that’s the real reason AR glasses never took off, it’s the story that other companies always push while marketing new devices that fit smarts into normal-looking frames. And the latest is the new Norm Glasses.
  • Back in 2017, French startup Thalatoo announced the Maoi, a scuba mask-mounted head-up display (HUD) dive computer. Well, a bigger name is now throwing its hat in the ring, as California-based Scubapro has released its own product – it's called the Galileo HUD Mask-Mounted Dive Computer.
  • ​We've already seen head-up display (HUD) tech applied to things like ski goggles, swimming goggles and cycling glasses. Now, with its Maoi system, French company Thalatoo is bringing HUD to third-party diving masks.
  • Continental's new head-up display (HUD) uses digital mirror device technology and advances HUD output a step closer to augmented reality, enhancing safety by better informing drivers and reducing driver distraction. It has been launched on the 2017 Lincoln Continental and the 2018 Lincoln Navigator.
  • ​In recent years, we've seen goggles that allow swimmers to monitor their heart rate, and to stay on course when swimming outdoors. Well, Zwim goggles are claimed to go farther. They feature an actual Google Glass-like head-up display, that tracks the same sort of data as a swimmer's sports watch.
  • In 2013, Nuviz successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign for a head-up display (HUD) device for motorcyclists that would attach directly to an existing helmet. Four years later, the device is ready for release, putting customizable information close to the rider’s natural line of sight​.
  • Precisely locating the positions of both friends and foes is key for a mission to roll out both smoothly and without avoidable casualties. The US Army has just revealed its latest innovation, a head-up display system for soldiers called “Tactical Augmented Reality,” or TAR.
  • Panasonic becomes yet another company to show its vision of the car cabin of the future at CES this week. Its concept explores next-gen tech like interactive 4K displays, augmented reality, personal audio zones and facial recognition.
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