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Motorola invests in Micro Fuel Cell Power Source for Mobile Products

Motorola invests in Micro Fuel Cell Power Source for Mobile Products
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November 9, 2005 Motorola has made a strategic investment in North American micro fuel cell developer Tekion with a view to the inevitable rise of the fuel cell as a power source for mobile products. Tekion is driven by the mission to take mobile devices "off the grid". By integrating advanced battery technology with micro fuel cell technology, Tekion is creating a new "personal power source", known as the Formira Power Pack, that will fit inside mobile products and enable consumers to stay connected for as long as needed. Tekion's technology provides a competitive advantage for portable electronic products in the power range of milliwatts to 50 watts and energy range of 10 to 100 watt-hours. Several products and markets fall within these power and energy levels including: industrial handheld computers, satellite communication devices, notebook PCs, and other mobile products.

"Our decision to invest in Tekion was motivated by its cutting-edge technology and experienced leadership in micro fuel cell development," said Warren Holtsberg, corporate vice president, equity investments and director of Motorola Ventures. "As mobile products have simultaneously miniaturized and increased in functionality, battery capacity has become a significant challenge. Tekion's non-flammable Formira fuel cell technology combined with an advanced battery technology, such as lithium ion, is a practical and efficient solution. Tekion's technology will help advance Motorola's vision of bringing seamless mobility to wireless users."

"With a common vision and focus on wireless devices, Motorola is the ideal strategic partner for Tekion," said Neil Huff, president and chief executive officer of Tekion. "Motorola's investment validates our business plan and further illustrates the need for improved power delivery solutions for mobile products. Our goal is to optimize Formira fuel cell technology for portable electronic devices and to provide end-users with greater flexibility and convenience."

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