Movi is a pocket-sized video camera which uses a 4K sensor to simulate a professional-looking multi-camera setup and allows users to edit footage on the fly. Produced by Livestream, the camera is designed to help users create more engaging stories of their live events and share them instantly.

The Movi camera is built around a 4K sensor and features a F2.8 lens which gives a wide 150 degree diagonal field of view, and has built-in stereo microphones. However, the clever bit is how the camera works with an iOS app to let users give the impression they are live streaming from multiple camera angles when they are, in fact, using a single device.

Once the camera is set up and in place, the iOS app (compatible with the iPhone 5 or later running iOS 9 or higher) can be used to edit live footage. This includes being able to switch between nine virtual HD cameras, which are actually made up of sections of the 4K frame. The result is a video with smooth camera transitions more akin to a multi-camera production than one cameraperson constantly changing position and angle.

The virtual cameras can be set to offer different perspectives or close-ups of subjects with users able to zoom, pan and cut between virtual cameras with simple gestures. Built-in people detection and movement tracking also mean virtual cameras can automatically follow subjects. If you want to leave all of the editing decisions to the software, that's also an option.

Because the different virtual cameras will generally not be making use of the whole frame, you are not going to get 4K goodness out of the Movi camera. Instead it outputs footage up to HD 720p 30 fps (frames per second) which can be recorded to SD cards or the iPhone for sharing later, or streamed live via built-in Wi-Fi, though this requires an optional subscription starting at around US$9 per month.

The Movi camera measures 64 mm tall and 50 mm in diameter (2.5 x 2 in) and weighs 114 g (4 oz). It can be mounted to most camera and microphone stands thanks to a standard thread, and an LED light ring on the top keeps you informed about things like Wi-Fi connection and battery life. The internal rechargeable battery is said to be good for one hour of streaming, with a Movi Pro accessory (which also adds an ethernet port) boosting this to 10 hours.

The Livestream Movi, will be available in black or white and is expected to start shipping in April for $400, though it is currently available for pre-order at $200.

You can check-out a promo video for the Livestream Movi below.

Source: Movi

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