Gudsen Moza has released a couple of new filmmaking tools at NAB 2019, including the interesting Slypod, which is effectively a motorized monopod that you can use as a precisely controlled camera slider. There's also a new AirCross 2 gimbal sized for mirrorless cameras.


The slypod is a new type of camera support that combines the functionality of a monopod with a motorized camera slider. Its carbon fiber body helps keep weight under 1 kg (2.2 lb) while still giving it the capacity to carry up to 18 kg (40 lb) of payload in vertical mode.

The Slypod has an integrated high-torque motor that lets it extend its final section by what looks like about a foot, meaning that if you're holding it vertical, you can use it for crane-like shots at a controlled rate. And it also has a base plate built in that lets you mount it horizontally on a tripod base to give you shots like a traditional slider would. In horizontal use, it can carry about 12 kg (26.5 lb), which is much, much more than most camera setups weigh.

Weatherproof and modular, the Slypod can work with multiple other Moza products, letting you connect an iFocus unit, or go for multi-axis camera movements by screwing on a Moza Air 2 or AirCross 2.

AirCross 2

Back in the realm of the more familiar, Moza has released a new version of its mirrorless-sized camera stabilizing gimbal. An evolution of the original AirCross launched last year (product development is ridiculously fast in the gimbal business), the AirCross 2 introduces a tilted roll motor, so you can see the back screen of any camera while you're filming. We've found that super useful on the Moza Air 2 we've been using recently.

The AirCross 2 is significantly smaller and lighter than the Air 2, weighing in at just 950 g (2.1 lb) despite carrying 12 hours' worth of battery and some other nice touches like Multi-CAN ports to power the camera and/or follow focus units, and a side-mounted control wheel in addition to the trigger, joystick and smart wheel.

In the images we've got, it doesn't seem to have the original AirCross's quick release plate, which is a pity. Moza says the AirCross 2 allows a lot of access to the camera while it's still mounted, though, including the ability to replace batteries and memory cards without releasing it from the gimbal. We'll have to wait and see how that's achieved.

Pricing and availability for the Slypod and AirCross 2 are yet to be released.

Source: Gudsen Moza

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