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MP4 Watch plays video for 9 hours

MP4 Watch plays video for 9 hours
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October 5, 2006 One of the more curious aspects of the recent mass proliferation of personal media players is the devices in which they are being incorporated. In recent times we’ve seen not one but two video playing wristwatchs. The most recent came with some natty images showing the watch in four colours from Andalong, though we cannot seem to extract a price or any details on specifications beyond that it plays MP3s, MP4s, has USB 2.0 connectivity and an inbuilt microphone and a remarkably impressive nine hour play time. Of all of those functions, we think that the microphone might potentially be the most useful as we can’t exactly see people queuing up to swap their wide screen HD tellys for a screen smaller than a postage stamp.

Now we originally saw this story on I4U (even before we got the Andalong email), so they deserve a pat on the back for their news gathering, and when we checked at Engadget, Pete and the boys had this story about a different video playing watch with 1GB of memory and a US$125 price tag. Andalong is seeking brands wishing to have the watch produced for them, and to be fair, they have a range of excellent electronics even if we think the idea of watching a movie on your wristwatch is lame.

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