Cargo bikes may be great for hauling your crap (or kids) around, but they can be rather ungainly when used as regular commuters. Well, the German-made muli addresses that shortcoming with a cargo basket that folds in when not in use.

At a length of 195 cm (6.4 ft), the muli is already about the same length as a regular non-cargo bike – it achieves that shortness via a couple of pretty small wheels, particularly the front one. If you live somewhere with a lot of deep potholes, that could be an issue.

When toting stuff around, its 100-liter basket is folded open to its full width of 60 cm (23.6 inches). On just plain ol' commuting trips, though, the two sides of the basket get folded in, reducing its width to 28 cm (11 inches) – see the photo below.

The bike itself weighs 24 kg (53 lb) and accommodates riders up to 170 kg (375 lb), along with a maximum of 70 kg (154 lb) in the basket. Not much other information is currently available in the way of specs, although it does appear to have hydraulic disc brakes along with a rear hub transmission.

The muli is currently on display at the Eurobike show in Germany, where it's won the Start-Up Award. If you're interested in getting one, prices range from €2,540 (about US$2,980) for the standard model, up to €3,940 ($4,623) for an electric-assist version.

Source: muli

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