Italian furniture company Campeggi showcased some of its new and innovative designs during this year's Salone del Mobile and Gizmag was lucky enough to get a closer look. The company is well known for creating energetic designs that can be transformed and used for different purposes. Combined with bright colors, the Campeggi range avoids boredom and allows users to re-design their living space using the same piece of furniture over and over again.

"Movement is a fundamental rule which allows a transform-ability of every single project," says Campeggi. "Objects from our range give birth to a catalog that in future years will form, with evidence, a point of reference for those in search of a tech-typological innovation and not banality; luxury, dynamic intelligence and no static stillness."

Here's a brief overview of the new collection set to hit stores later this year.

Manzoni's ABC

The ABC sofa is designed by Giulio Manzoni and stands for "Accommodating," "Beautiful" and "Comfortable." This modular sofa is a practical family lounge and with a few simple steps can transform into a single, double or even twin bed set.

Bed Sharing by Damiani

Bed Sharing mattresses by Lorenzo Damiani is a collection of colorful mattresses that hang on the wall. The piece can be used as a purely decorative wall piece or when the need arises, each single mattress can be unhooked to create a single spare bed, multiple single beds for a kids sleep over; an extra comfortable double bed or even a casual sofa lounge.

Foresta by Adachi

The unique Foresta piece designed by Sakura Adachi reinvents the traditional single sofa bed. Featuring a soft flexible exterior skin which is fixed into its triangular structure, the unit appears to be a simple tee pee but it actually conceals a sofa.

Without making any adjustments, users can sit onto the elastic fabric which cocoons the user and creates an innovative sofa. Furthermore by opening the zip which frames the triangular sofa, a single bed with an overhead LED light is revealed. Users can zip themselves in for a cozy night's sleep and the Foresta can be easily dismantled for transportation similar to a typical tent.

Santachiara's Gilbert & George

Gilbert & George is designed by Denis Santachiara and is a large ottoman composed of two elements which perfectly mold together. The ottoman can easily transform into twin rocking chairs or individual lounges.

Nessy by Magini

Nessy designed by Emanuele Magini is inspired by the mythical creature of Loch Ness and offers a flexible sofa with an unusual visual appearance. The sofa's tail can move around to make various shapes and liven up the living room.

Ostenda by Magistretti

Created by Vico Magistretti, Ostenda is a new interpretation of a folding deck chair. Starting off as a simple armchair it transforms into a chaise longue with a simple gesture and can be easily moved on wheels.

Crasset's Self-made seat

Self-made is created by Matali Crasset and comprises of eight luggage-sized pieces that when put together can create a three-seater lounge; two armchairs or individual seating. The modular piece can adapt not only to its space, but also to the number of guests.


YOY-Naoki Ono and Yuki Yamamoto are the designers behind the Shelf, which is both a chair and a bookshelf. The piece can be personalized when the user fills the shelf with objects and books. It could be a great idea to replace a traditional bedside table.

Be sure to head to the gallery to see just how each piece of Campeggi furniture gets transformed.

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