Hiking in the snow is tough going, especially if you're lugging a snowboard along for the ride. As a simplified version that verges on skateboard territory, the Mundo Trailboard is a new kind of ride built to lighten the load when on foot in search of untouched powder, while still offering plenty of carving capability thanks to a heavily contoured shape.

A snowboard equipped with bindings will tip the scales at around 10 to 12 lb (4.5 to 5.5 kg), and while that doesn't stop plenty of adventurous folk schlepping them into the backcountry, it is a hefty load to carry on your back. At just 5 lb (2.3 kg), the binding-free Mundo Trailboard should be a much more manageable affair.

The board measures 114 cm long and 28 cm wide, (45 and 11 in) and features a lightweight foam core atop a sintered Ptex base. This sits inside steel sidewalls that aggressively curve outwards, offering a sharp edge at the base to dig into the snow.

And because the base is said to be narrower than a typical foot, the rider's heel and toe should be positioned right over those edges, allowing them to shift their weight to turn just like a regular snowboard. Another interesting feature is the kick tail, which allows the user to lean back and pop the front up for easier turning, just like a skateboard, and maybe even try their hand at a trick or two.

The makers imagine folks taking the Mundo Trailboard to sledding hills, state parks and hiking trails, where the binding-free design and light weight will allow them to easily transition from walking to shredding when the opportunity arises. They say it was designed to elevate "your hiking experience," and we can certainly see it opening up some interesting new terrain where lines and expensive lift tickets are nowhere to be seen.

Having taken the Mundo Trailboard to Kickstarter, the team has already passed its funding goal with early pledges of US$319 still available at the time of writing. Shipping is slated for March 2019 if everything runs to plan, which is always a sizeable "if" when it comes to crowdfunding campaigns.

You can check out the pitch video below.

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