Tesla's mid-priced Model 3 may be aimed at the masses, but that doesn't mean it won't offer something for those after a little more oomph. CEO Elon Musk has revealed specs for a couple of souped-up versions of the all-electric sedan that will include dual motors and greater pace off the mark.

The new options for the Tesla Model 3 include a dual-motor setup and all-wheel drive (AWD), which when added to the standard version will come at an extra cost of US$5,000. Range and top speed are the same as the extended-range Model 3 at 310 mi (498 km) and 140 mph (225 km/h), while the 0 to 60 mph (97 km/h) sprint will be cut from 5.1 seconds to 4.5 seconds.

These specs are bested again in the special Performance version of the Model 3. This also packs dual motors and is AWD, with top speed upped to 155 mph (250 k/h) and the 0 to 60- mph time reduced to 3.5 seconds. Range stays at 310 mi. The cost for the Performance version with all options is more than double the $35,000 price tag of the base Model 3, with Musk comparing it to the BMW M3.

"Cost is $78k," he tweeted. "About same as BMW M3, but 15 percent quicker & with better handling. Will beat anything in its class on the track."

The add-ons include a carbon fiber spoiler, 20-inch Performance rims, and a black and white interior. An AC induction motor is used at the front and a switched reluctance, partial permanent magnet motor is up back, with one optimized for power and the other for range.

Musk says that the system switches between motors constantly and does so smoothly enough that the driver won't even know. This maximizes performance, but also means the car can still be driven if one breaks down. Though, if Tesla drivers do find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere, a newly announced roadside assistance service will come to the rescue.

"Will soon enable Tesla owners to request service from their phone with a few taps," Musk tweeted. "Tesla Ranger will come to you to take care of your car. No need to bring the car in yourself & zero paperwork."

It hasn't been entirely smooth sailing for Tesla when it comes to production of the base Model 3. Hundreds of thousands have been preordered, with the company initially hoping to produce 20,000 a month by December last year. It shipped 8,180 in Q1 this year, and has set a target of 5,000 a week by the end of Q2. Musk says the company will start shipping the dual-motor Model 3 thereafter, though no word yet on the delivery of the Performance version.

"We start delivering the dual motor Model 3 in July," he tweeted.

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