The My Camp Kitchen Mini takes the function and form factor of larger My Camp Kitchen models to pack a kitchen's-worth of cooking and serving accessories it into a smaller, cheaper package.

When we covered the My Camp Kitchen camper box in May of last year, readers responded in force with two major complaints. First, they said boy scouts, and tinkerers have been building these for generations and they're not that hard to put together.

That's fair enough, but just because people can build them on their own, doesn't mean they will. Without packing up shop and leaving the market to DIYers, there's not much that My Camp Kitchen can do to address that criticism.

The complaint that My Camp Kitchen can and did address is the price. The original Outdoorsman model starts at $349 for a build-it-yourself kit. The smaller, simpler Mini comes in at just over half that price at $189.

Of course, as the name suggests, the Mini also offers less cooking and storage space. Its combination of six shelves, a knife rack and a paper towel holder is designed to carry three bottles of wine, wine glasses (preferably unbreakable), spices, wax paper and aluminum foil, miscellaneous cooking utensils and oils, a cutting board, hot pads, paper plates and cups, quart-sized storage bags, paper towels and (3) knives.

It doesn't hold stoves, pots, pans or kettles, and it doesn't appear to have a whole lot of extra room for anything else. Unlike the larger models, it also lacks legs, so camp chefs will have to put it on a table or use it in the back of their vehicles. Although it does have a slide-out shelf that provides some prep space.

The upside of sacrificing some space is that the Mini package weighs just 14 lb (6.4 kg), which is less than half of the Outdoorsman's 35-lb (15.9 kg) weight without the legs, making it easier for carrying back and forth from the vehicle via its leather carry handle. As My Camp Kitchen's smallest model, it also takes up less room in the car.

The Mini is currently available on My Camp Kitchen's website for 20 percent off its retail price of $189.

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