Designed by Portuguese industrial designer Miguel Mestre, the "My Desk" is a hybrid of a desk and a notepad culminating in a workspace designed, let's face it, to be scribbled, doodled, sketched and written all over.

The desk consists of a tray with folding legs holding a giant notepad with sheets 100 x 70 cm (39.4 x 28 inches) in size, not in a kick in the pants away from Quad Demy or A0 sizes (in fact, it's almost exactly B1).

Mestre describes the desk as a tool which "helps your mind flow," granting its owner "freedom from the boundaries" of ordinary, human-sized notebooks. Of course, it does rather introduce the servitude of having to lift all your things from the desk when you do finally fill up a sheet, though how often this is likely to happen will depend on your own note-taking or sketching needs (or the severity of your doodle-fixated psychoses).

Mestre's website states that prices are available on request, which rather suggests that "My Desks" are made to order. Before you do fire away an email, you might consider the availability of 100 x 70 cm paper in your area (you never know, there are some prolific sketchers out there) or alternatively consider cutting a deal with your favored pencil supplier.

We look forward to Mestre's forthcoming project: presumably either a correction fluid-dispensing desk lamp or an eraser-cum-footstool.

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