Nakefit is one of those products that regularly crops up on crowdfunding sites squarely straddling the line between "why?" and "of course!". They're hypoallergenic elastic adhesive pads that stick onto the soles of your feet, providing some protection for those who don't like wearing shoes or forgot their flip-flops.

The Italy-based creator of Nakefit says the pads will give tender tootsies protection from hot surfaces, such as sand, or rough surfaces, such as paving and rocks. They also seem to offer heightened grip, as evidenced by the highly irresponsible display of children running around a pool in the product video.

The material used for the pads isn't detailed, but they're reportedly produced "without harming people, animals or the environment." They're also waterproof, so will presumably stay stuck on your feet while taking a dip. However, whether their stickiness will stand up to multiple uses or whether they're intended as single-use footwear isn't clear.

What is clear is that there definitely seems to be a market for something like this. We can certainly imagine surfers, or other water-sport enthusiasts embracing the idea of a product that can protect your feet without sacrificing the benefits of being barefoot.

And this certainly isn't the first time we've seen footwear step into minimalist territory. We've seen shoes cut in half, chainmail shoes, something described as a "condom for your feet", and hey... even sock-shoes are a legit thing. So it's not a huge leap to get to these stick on soles.

For a pledge of €30 (US$34) you can snag a set of 10 pairs in one of three colors, with delivery apparently scheduled for as soon as July. As with any crowdfunding campaign there is a risk the product will never eventuate, but if walking across hot sand is a real problem in your life then this could be the answer.

Take a look at the Nakefit in the pitch video below.

Source: Nakefit

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