NASA releases dataset of global climate change predictions up to 2100

NASA releases dataset of global climate change predictions up to 2100
The new data combines historical measurements with climate simulations models to provide forecasts for global temperature and precipitation changes
The new data combines historical measurements with climate simulations models to provide forecasts for global temperature and precipitation changes
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The new data combines historical measurements with climate simulations models to provide forecasts for global temperature and precipitation changes
The new data combines historical measurements with climate simulations models to provide forecasts for global temperature and precipitation changes

NASA has released a dataset setting out how rainfall and temperature patterns are likely to change in the coming decades. The data covers 21 climate models, mapping how our environment could change due to growing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The information for the dataset was compiled as part of the NASA Earth Exchange (NEX) – a collaborative analytical platform that harnesses the power of state-of-the-art supercomputing, combining it with NASA remote-sensing data to provide scientists with direct access to huge pools of data. Essentially, the idea is to help scientists better understand and make contingency plans for the multiple risks presented by changes to the climate, from drought and floods, to heat waves and agricultural issues.

The dataset itself is available to the public, allowing users to view the potential environmental changes on a daily timescale and in great detail – from globally down to individual towns and cities. The climate projections provide a view of future precipitation and temperature patterns at a 25 km (15.5 mile) resolution, spanning the years 1950 to 2100.

To build the tool, NASA combined real world historical measurements with climate simulation data from the international Fifth Coupled Model Intercomparison Project – a global, collaborative effort to study and better understand our changing climate. The predictive models range from "business as usual" scenarios up to worst-case conditions with hugely elevated greenhouse gas emissions.

The agency believes that the dataset will provide scientists and planners with a much better understanding of the risks facing our fragile world.

"NASA is in the business of taking what we’ve learned about our planet from space and creating new products that help us all safeguard our future," said NASA scientist Ellen Stofan. "With this new global dataset, people around the world have a valuable new tool to use in planning how to cope with a warming planet."

The dataset can be downloaded here.

Source: NASA

They should do another one, showing what it would look like if every person on earth did everything they reasonably can to prevent this.
Oh - except I guess they already have, because it will look exactly identical.
Our race is so arrogant, fanatically believing we have the power to change our behavior so much that it would actually make any measurable difference.
Future generations, if there are any, are going to laugh just at hard at us now, as we laugh at ancient ones who sacrificed virgins on alters to change stuff. And, LOL, most of the time, they too were hoping to influence the weather as well.
The Hoff
To all the paranoid haters. Each person at NASA is much smarter then you, they have to be to get there. And collectivly they are enormasly smarter, now add tons of technology that you cannot even begin to understand. These are the people you should listen to about the future of the earth. We can change it, Germany is proving we have the tech and it pays for itself. But you paranoid haters are like ignorant children who think their parents life experience means nothing. You are educated by scientists the oil barons the Kotch bros have paid to get the results they choose. What will it take to convince you that we have to act? A U.S. famine? Really, tell me what would it take to change your mind.
Nice troll attempt christopher!
You almost had me ;)
Derek Howe
lol, I think Christopher's analogy is spot on.
Brett Johnson
lol...well said Christopher. I'm going to use that "virgins to the sun god" analogy, it's very appropriate in terms of the irrationality and futility of self inflicted/societal forced harm of the fear mongering ideologues that don't grasp scale and magnitude.
If we created the problem, i dont understand the attitude that we cant solve the problem too. Attitudes like yours are the real problem. Its just a self serving acceptance that we are stupid. The reality is that there are a lot of people who are willing to do whats necessary, but unfortunately, the polititians havent caught up yet. But that is the same for just about every issue. Throwing up your hands and saying "its too hard, it cant be done", isnt going to solve anything. Its giving the recalcitrant ones an easy out. In my humble opinion, its a problem we can solve if we act now. It may take time but we can do it. If we wait another 20 -30years, the window may be shut for us. You can read the news as well as everyone else, governments are starting to move in the right direction, slowly but surely. So stop being negative and part of the problem. Get with the program.
I really don't understand how so many peple here and in other sites can believe that burning everything that we put out hands on, extracting from up to 20 km of depth and discarding the gases in a column of a few km of air, cannot change anything.
It is like turning on the engine of the car in you box, trying it for a few seconds and saying it has no effect whatsoever... and then saying its all right to leave the engine on. For hours. These petrolheads say: "You box-environmentalists, shut up. You'll be fine, I tested the engine for 1 minute and it gives no problems. Carbon monoxide poisoning it's a lie and a scientific invention."
Good luck to us all when petrolheads and carbonheads are in power. They crave the power that comes from burning the rotten corpses that only half- decayed during the Permian extinction due to climate change (petrol). Then, 250 million years ago, life nearly disappeared and the earth was dead for 100000 years.
For the sake of easier and faster life for themselves they are going to kill us all. It can happen again. It's a moot argument if it is our fault or not (it is). The real question is: are we going don that path again ? (yes, probably but cannot be sure). Can we do something to prevent it? (scientists believe we still can but in a few years the climate change might become unstoppable.)
Yes, by burning, waiting, denying and doing nothing our actions probably will soon become irrelevant as we kick exponential runoffs in high gear. And then we will suffer and die.
Another Nintendo so-called "Science". It's "projection", better said "speculation", because nobody can forecast climate . This is ONE scenario (the worse; strange isn't it ?) May i suggest them using even more "blood red" colors to frightenn more people (if possible) ? What a pity so smart NASA has fewer and fewer budgets for Space and more and more for computing Armaageddon scenarios ! (Ahhh july 1969... sigh)
Brian M
Pity there is no way to simply view the data - way to complicated to look at. NASA get your act together and present your data in an easy to digest way.
Fretting Freddy the Ferret pressing the Fret
This just proves how toxic a significant part of American media and talk shows has been on part of the population. They sow doubt and criticize the field of science where they don't have a *basic* grasp the basic science. It's like religion all over again - we have got no substantial proof, but we have got faith we are right! I've pretty much lost hope in these kinds of people who think with their *feelings*, like a child. Their point of view on these complex issues was not acquired through laborious study and consideration. Unless you want to forever parrot what other people tell you what is right based on feelings and whims alone, you will want to grow up.
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