NASA uploads the Voyager mission's golden record to Soundcloud

NASA uploads the Voyager missi...
Both Voyager spacecraft carry an identical golden record
Both Voyager spacecraft carry an identical golden record
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Both Voyager spacecraft carry an identical golden record
Both Voyager spacecraft carry an identical golden record

NASA has uploaded audiofrom the Voyager program's golden records to SoundCloud, allowinglisteners to hear what may potentially be our first contact with analien race. The agency has made available two playlists, known asGreetings to the Universe and Sounds of Earth.

Voyager 1 is currentlymankind's most distant emissary, carrying with it a time capsulecontaining a message designed to convey an essence of Earth to anyextraterrestrial intelligence that might happen upon the relic in thedistant future.

In pursuit of this aim,Voyager 1 & 2 carry 12-inch gold-plated copper disks containing115 images and an eclectic selection of music and natural sounds. Therecord covers feature diagrams instructing the discoverer of thecapsule how to listen to the message and unlock the images encoded onthe record.

The sounds and imagesused to represent Earth and her people were selected by Carl Saganand a committee from Cornell University. The newly uploaded Greetingsto the Universe playlist contains 55 welcome messages spoken in adiverse range of tongues, from Akkadian, a now-dead language formerlyspoken in ancient Mesopotamia, to Wu, a relatively modern dialect ofthe Chinese language.

The sounds from Earthplaylist features 19 tracks of animal calls and man-made noises, suchas Morse code and footsteps. It is worth noting that NASA has yet toupload the music selected by Sagan & Co to represent Earth'sculture, a list of which is available on the NASA Voyager website.

Voyager 1 hasalready made its way into interstellar space, making it the mostdistant manifestation of humanity. Voyager 2 meanwhile is currently107 AU from Earth, moving through the outer layer of the heliosphere,the heliosheath.

A link to the playlistscan be found in the source link.

Source: SoundCloud

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