April 13, 2008 We've written before about H2O Audio's waterproof iPod accessories that let you pump out some good adrenaline tunes while you push through your swimming workout. Now, as America, China and Australia prepare to do battle for aquatic world supremacy in Beijing, the company has teamed with U.S. backstroke world record holder Natalie Coughlin to produce the iSH2 - an integrated waterproof case and headset for the iPod shuffle that works up to 10 feet (3m) under water.

The iSH2 Natalie Coughlin Signature Series consists of H2O Audio's new H3 waterproof headphones with the iPod Shuffle (gen 2) housing mounted at the rear. The housing is designed to minimize drag in the water and enables fingertip control of play functions while the headset itself features 10db greater volume than the previous model and Aquatic Silencer Earplugs designed to reduce noise and seal out water during swimming. The unit be attached to swim goggles or worn alone using an optional sport band and the absence of cords means you wont get tangled mid-stroke.

The H2O Audio iSH2 is available in May 2008 at a cost of USD$79.99 USD.

So what should you listen to when you hit the pool? Olympic gold medalist Coughlin also has this covered. In a further collaboration involving MP3 fitness training specialist iTrain, she has produced a 60-minute audio package designed to keep swimmers focused on improvement and technique. iTrain has released the iSWIM audio workout MP3 which is available for download at a cost of US$19.99.

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