There have been a few companies that have previously tested the 3D PC waters and found the market lacking – presumably due to the lack of 3D content. But with the major TV manufacturers generating lots of interest in 3D TV among consumers and more 3D content starting to appear NEC is ready to try its hand again with the announcement of a 3D all-in-one desktop PC to be released before the end of the year.

The as yet unnamed PC was announced at a demonstration in Japan where a prototype was on show. It was revealed the 3D PC would feature a Blu-ray player and an LCD display that would display 3D content using polarized glasses - which are less expensive than the active shutter glasses favored by 3D TV manufacturers - to provide the 3D effect. The computer reportedly uses software to convert 2D photographs or movies into 3D and includes a media player for 3D visual software and TV programs.

There’s no further details on specs, but according to Akihabara News NEC’s 3D PC is set to hit Japanese shelves by year’s end although Impress PC Watch indicates it could be as early as the first half of the year.