NeuroSky’s brain-computer interface (BCI) technology has found its way into a variety of devices over the last few years, from the MyndPlay media player and MindSet video game headset to the XWave and XWave Sport. The latest product sporting the company’s brainwave-reading technology features a slightly more fun form factor – fluffy, wearable cat ears that move in response to the wearer's emotional state.

After being unveiled by fashion electronics company Neurowear in Japan earlier in the year, the Necomimi fittingly got their official U.S. launch at this month’s Comic-Con in San Diego. Like other products powered by Neurosky’s BCI technology, Necomimi have an EEG (electroencephalograph) sensor that sits in contact with the forehead to detect electrical impulses transmitted through the skull and an ear clip that grounds the device to improve the signal.

The device is designed to recognize three different emotional states and moves the cat ears accordingly. When something catches the wearer’s attention, the ears sit straight up and when they are relaxed, the ears droop down. Then, when the wearer is “in the zone” and is both highly focused and relaxed at the same time, the ears will wiggle back and forth.

The video below shows just how handy (and apparently inconspicuous) Necomimi are in everyday life.

Necomimi are priced at US$99.95.

Source: Necomimi

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