New automotive accessory adds significant horepower and torque

New automotive accessory adds significant horepower and torque
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Now here's a story we couldn't resist. Owners of Ford F250 and F350 vehicles with the 7.3L Powerstroke diesel now have a safe, easy way to improve acceleration, towing power and even fuel economy.

Diesel performance technology company Edge Products now offers a system it calls "Juice With Attitude" consistently produces up to 75 more HP and at least 190 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels.

The kit installs in about five minutes using factory-style connectors. By plugging into PCM connections, the Juice enhances signals for fueling, turbo boost and ignition timing.

The Juice's five available power levels are adjustable by the driver, on the fly, by the Attitude controller which sits on the dashboard. This dual-purpose unit toggles between lower-power modes for heavy towing (to keep exhaust-gas temperatures in check) up to Level 5 for maximum power. The Attitude also replaces aftermarket gauges, displaying EGT and turbo boost data on its backlit LCD display. Safeguard features include engine defueling at a user-programmable EGT level as well as an audible warning.

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