New chipset delivers Wireless Digital Video

New chipset delivers Wireless Digital Video
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December 15, 2006 Uultrawideband (UWB) solution developer WiQuest has introduced its new WQST100/101 chipset incorporating WiDV (Wireless Digital Video), the company’s innovative new technology that is the first to deliver wireless transmission of high quality digital video for PC and HDTV applications. WiDV Technology was developed specifically to address the unique requirements of efficient video transmission using ultrawideband wireless connections. WiDV coexists in combination with other protocols, such as Certified Wireless USB from the USB Implementers Forum. The technology leverages WiQuest’s breakthrough, 1 Gbps extended data rate to enable a true, high-resolution wireless digital video experience for the consumer. WiDV builds upon the WiMedia Common Radio Platform exactly like other protocols such as Wireless USB. It peacefully co-exists with other protocols that are also based on the WiMedia radio.

“WiQuest has proven to be an early leader in the burgeoning market for Certified Wireless USB products,” said Brian O’Rourke, senior analyst at In-Stat. “With their WiDV wireless video product, they are emerging leaders in the wireless digital video market as well.”

“WiDV Technology makes the wireless office a reality. Not only are USB cables being replaced by Wireless USB, but true mobility is being realized with the replacement of video cables by WiDV,” said Dr. Matthew B. Shoemake, WiQuest founder, CEO and president. “WiQuest’s WiDV meets the stringent quality requirements of the high resolution PC graphics space, which were previously unmet by wireless technologies. At the same time, WiDV fully meets the demands of the HDTV market. WiDV technology is shipping now and establishes the industry benchmark for wireless digital video.”

About WiDV Technology

WiQuest’s WiDV Technology uses patent pending innovations that enable a high quality and efficient video transport over the WiMedia UWB wireless link. WiDV enables wireless connectivity from products such as PCs, set-top boxes, game consoles and personal video players to monitors, projectors and HDTVs. It is an optimized architecture that achieves breakthrough video and graphics performance.

Compared to other wireless video approaches, WiDV Technology is unique in that it provides more efficient compression and fewer components to achieve a high-quality video or graphic image with a completely integrated wireless video solution. WiDV Technology results in the highest quality, lowest cost, lowest latency, smallest form factor and lowest power consumption wireless video solution on the market today. WiDV Technology not only enables wireless HDTV connectivity, but also enables wireless PC graphics connections, where previous technologies introduce unacceptable quality.

WQST100/WQST101 Chipset

The WQST100 and WQST101 chipset is the industry’s first commercially-available, high-performance UWB silicon delivering highly efficient wireless communication of digital video, coupled with WiQuest’s industry leading 1 Gbps speed. High performance is achieved through WiQuest’s higher-order modulation and advanced Forward Error Correction coding to improve spectral efficiency. These enhancements allow higher data rates to be supported without using additional spectrum.

Based on the WiMedia UWB physical layer (PHY) and media access controller (MAC) specifications, the WQST100 builds upon and extends the performance capabilities of UWB communications systems to a new level, providing a solid foundation for high-speed wireless cable-replacement applications.

The WQST100 is a CMOS integrated circuit (IC) combining baseband PHY, MAC engine, high-speed security processor, quality of service (QoS) manager and a rich variety of host interfaces, all in one highly-integrated design. The WiDV Engine is a fundamental component of the WQST100. Designed to optimize the UWB system bill of materials, the WQST100 contains a complete high-speed USB subsystem including controller and transceiver, removing any additional USB component cost. Unlike other UWB implementations, the WQST100 eliminates the need for expensive external memory, and the chip’s innovative architecture provides excellent power control and management for longer battery life in mobile devices. This IC also implements a tightly-coupled interface with the WQST101 RF transceiver to ensure best-in-class wireless chipset performance, robustness and reliability.

The companion WQST101 radio frequency (RF) transceiver chip combines with the WQST100 to provide the first complete UWB solution for manufacturers of PC and peripheral systems, consumer electronics, home entertainment, portable gaming, multimedia platforms, mobile devices and more.

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