New Cornershot 40 can launch grenades too

New Cornershot 40 can launch grenades too
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27 January 2005: Isreali company Corner Shot has developed a new model of its high-tech weapon system that can shoot around corners - a 40mm Projectile Launcher. Designed specifically for urban combat situations, the cornershot system provides the ability to observe, acquire and engage targets from around a corner. The new Corner Shot 40 can utilise a variety of 40 mm calibre special-purpose projectiles, such as high-explosive grenades, smoke grenades, illumination grenades, less or non-lethal fragmentation projectiles, tear gas and OC (irritant) projectiles.

The Corner Shot 40 weapon system enables security forces to remain behind cover whilst engaging targets. The Corner Shot 40 system includes a small, high-resolution video camera and monitor, through which the operator can view targets located "around the corner" in real time. The video camera enables the operator to scan the area "around the corner" or "in the next building" prior to pinpointing and engaging the targets therein. Alternately, the video image may be transmitted to other elements or up linked to a rear area command post or central command.

The Corner Shot 40 system enables the operator to view the targets and aim the launcher using the LCD monitor mounted in the rear section of the system. We have incorporated many new innovations to this device.

The new Corner Shot 40 can utilise a variety of 40 mm calibre special-purpose projectiles, such as high-explosive grenades, smoke grenades, illumination grenades (with parachute), less/non-lethal fragmentation projectiles, tear gas and OC (irritant) projectiles.

All of these munitions may be launched from the left to the right, inside buildings and between buildings, door steps and through door openings, up or down from roof tops in a safe and simple and highly accurate manner. At the same time, the operator can effectively observe and cover a high-risk area without exposing himself to enemy fire.

Urban combat operations, especially inside buildings and blocks of buildings, is the single most significant characteristic of urban warfare that sets it apart from all other warfare types. This has necessitated the development of purpose-specific weapon systems, in order to provide a satisfactory solution to the specialized problems of this type of warfare.

The Corner Shot 40 affords devastating firepower, pinpoint accuracy whilst "Around-the-Corner" allowing the operators to defeat vehicles, enemy emplacements, massive suppressive cover fire as well as a highly effective smoke screen.

This system is also available to police and other law enforcement agencies in 37mm.

Gizmag covered the CornerShot range last year, reflecting on the awesome firepower it offered at the same time as reducing the risk to the soldier. Background details and interview details with the system's inventor, Amos Golan, a former Israeli Anti-Terrorist Unit Commander, can be found in our initial article.

Corner Shot 40 Features

"Around the Corner" lightweight, breech-loading, single-shot 40 mm launcher.Day and night operational ability.Manual operation, single shot "pump" type action ejects the spent cartridge and enables the feeding of a new round.Video observation & sighting system with transmission capability.Verity interchangeable cameras.Laser and Infra red laser.Fires all 40mm grenades, less/non-lethal ammunition, irritant & teargas projectiles.Ergonomically designed.Universal accessory rail.Folding stock.

Corner Shot 40 Technical data

Weight: 4.4 Kg / 9.5Lbs.Length: 900 mm / 35.4" (open stock) 730mm/28.7". (closestock).Rifling: 6 grooves, rh, 1 twist in 1.2192 m / 48".Muzzle velocity: 74.7 Mps / 245' Fps (M-406 grenade).Effective range for precision fire, single target: 150 meters.Effective range for area coverage using fragmentationmunitions: 350 metres maximum.

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