Henning Larsen Architects recently announced that it is preparing to construct a new campus near Copenhagen to house Microsoft's Danish headquarters. Rather than being exclusive to Microsoft employees though, the new buildings will feature offices side-by-side with student housing and retail shops.

The project is said to be a crucial part of an ongoing "City of Knowledge and Urban Development 2020" initiative that plans to turn Lyngby, a city north of Copenhagen, into Northern Europe's ultimate university town, as well as a hub for sharing knowledge and creativity. According to Henning Larsen, that initiative is partly responsible for influencing Microsoft's decision to combine two of its locations in Denmark into one.

The new campus will be situated in the middle of Lyngby and cover a 40,000 square-meter (430,555 sq ft) plot, with the Microsoft building itself taking up 16,350 square meters (175,989 sq ft). The interior is designed with a layout aimed at encouraging collaboration and alternative thinking among employees. Microsoft has stated it intends to host local events for the community and that all residents and students will be allowed full use of the site's café, technology area, and study zone.

At a glance, it may not seem as eye-catching as efforts from other high-profile tech companies, like Apple or Google, but the developers are confident it will provide a welcome respite for residents and students of the nearby Technical University of Denmark.

Henning Larsen Architects are collaborating with COWI, Alectia, and Danica Pension on the project, with construction expected to commence later this year.

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