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New ideas - socks and toothbrush subscriptions

New ideas - socks and toothbrush subscriptions
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Society is changing, and adopting new ways at an unprecedented rate - the recent launch and success of several subscription services to "life goods" indicates that society is re-evaluating every aspect of modern living. A socks subscription service and a toothbrush subscription service have shown promise by offering subscriptions to common everyday objects which require regular replacement. offers toothbrush replacement delivery and subscription services, allowing consumers to order their favorite toothbrush and have it delivered either monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or semiannually and receive promotions on other oral care products with every delivery.

The rang of products is all encompassing, with all major brands and types of toothbrush plus every variation ever made - Child-sized, Electric and Battery Operated, disposable and even specialty products which tout antibacterial, orthodontic, teeth-whitening, tongue scraping and even breath freshening toothbrushes with a specialty range designed for pets.

The premise behind the business is that most of us forget to replace our toothbrush on a regular basis and need a system such as this to ensure dental health. It cites research which shows we replace our toothbrush 1.9 times a year even though more than 94% of us brush at least daily and dental authorities recommend we replace our toothbrush at least four times a year (and every time we are sick).

The black socks system has been going a little longer - Blacksocks was founded in Switzerland in June, 1999 followed by the launch of blacksocksusa in February 2001 and the recent introduction into the UK. To date 120,000 pairs of socks have been sold in 25 countries around the world.

Unlike the full service inventory of toothbrushexpress, Blacksocks only offers you choice between black mid-calf or knee socks and they come in any colour you want, as long as it's black. Very small to xxx large sizes are available and the whole system revolves around ensuring an organised, matched and well maintained sock regime for those who have better things to think about. It's an ideal internet-based system given the stereotypical ADHD-afflicted audience which inhabits the net and rejoices in the prospect of a hassle-free internet-enabled life. Gift subscriptions are also available in case you know such people.

The first order arrives within a few days, then frequency can be three, four or six times per year costing from UK£45 - EU€ 69

I have heard of another toothbrush subscription service - One Less Need. They are different because with each purchase they will give the same number of brushes away to kids that can\'t afford them. What a neat idea! The website was
Joseph Shawa
As a dentist I find that the \" authorities\" don\'t know much when it comes to toothbrushes. How often should you change your toothbrush? It really depends on how you brush and the quality of the toothbrush. Quality and price do not necessarily go hand in hand. A tooth brush my last a couple of weeks or maybe just 1 brushing. As far as changing the toothbrush after you have been sick... rediculous. You did not catch your own cold again. If your toothbrush gets dirty somehow throw it in the dishwasher or just rinse it off. After all there arenot many things dirtier than your mouth.
I hope they make money at it.
I run another sock subscription service - we send out high quality socks with fun designs each month. Check it out at Cheers. -Alex