New software enables FREE international phone calls with any mobile phone through Skype

New software enables FREE international phone calls with any mobile phone through Skype
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August 3, 2005 – iSkoot is a new mobile Internet phone company you’ll probably hear a lot about in the near future. iSkoot has introduced software that facilitates mobile access to the tens of millions of Skype Internet phone users. iSkoot enables complete access to Skype for both making and receiving calls from any mobile phone. iSkoot does not require any special hardware, custom phone, or Wi-Fi hot spot. iSkoot is offering free trial downloads at its website now.

“Skype is changing the face of telecommunications as we know it. There are now more than 40 million Skype users making free phone calls anywhere in the world. iSkoot completes the Skype user experience by extending the boundaries of Skype’s valuable service from the PC to the mobile phone. Now with iSkoot and via a local call, users can enjoy the benefits of local, long distance and international calls when they are mobile and away from their PCs,” said Jacob Guedalia, Chief Executive Officer, iSkoot.

iSkoot’s first application works with Skype to enable users to connect any mobile phone to Skype’s Internet phone service and buddy system. Versions for other platforms and buddy systems, including AIM, Yahoo, and Microsoft services, as well as for Mac systems, will be released in the near future.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an umbrella term for a range of products and services that enable users to leverage the Internet to transmit phone calls. iSkoot software bridges the mobile and broadband networks to enable users a seamless link from mobile to Internet telephony. Within minutes of downloading the iSkoot software, a user can connect his or her regular cell phone to a VoIP Internet phone service such as Skype. No need for headsets, microphones, PCs, or USB phones. iSkoot connects every phone to Skype’s services today. While other mobile VoIP services lock users into a specific pocket PC device or require a PC with Wi-Fi or other special hardware, iSkoot offers total ubiquity and enhances any phone with mobile VoIP.

iSkoot software:

    Automatically forwards Internet phone calls from a user’s PC to any phone, including any cell phoneCalls a buddy's PC from any phoneSwitches a Internet phone call from the PC to any phone without disconnecting

The free trial extends for 30 days. A user can then pay a one-time US$9.95 fee for unlimited use. Skype users can download iSkoot here.

good if it works
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very good software
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its fun
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good software
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How is it done, i cant really get it
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i like this..
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good service
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