Swinxs: a toy for active play

Swinxs: a toy for active play
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May 22, 2008, According to the US Office of the Surgeon General , there are more than 12.5 million children aged from 2 to 19 years of age who are overweight in the U.S today, that’s about 17 % of children. Overweight children are more likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease as well as depression and poor self esteem. Exercise can help with weight loss but it can be perceived as boring - that's where fun new games like the Fisher Price Smart Cycle and the Swinxs may be able to lend a hand by encouraging kids to exercise without even realizing it.

The Swinxs is a unique games system which encourages children to move and run while they’re having fun. Designed for active indoor and outdoor play the Swinxs consists of a games console and four colored wristbands. The lime green, clover-shaped console is just like a talking computer; it communicates, cheers players on, explains games, referees and keeps game scores. It has an RFID reader, long-lasting battery and is light and durable enough to take outdoors to the beach or the park.

The funky RFID wristbands (X-S tags) are worn by each player and allow individuals to interact with the console. The X-S tag is embedded with a microchip which enables individuals to start a game, check their performance and store their personal profile.

The Swinxs is pre-loaded with five installed games and once children get bored with them, they can download new games for free via USB cable from the Swinxs website. Children log-on as a ‘swinxser’ using a personal and secure account on the website. Once logged-in, they can upload their performance data and can chat with other enthusiasts about game tips, challenges and experiences. The downloadable games are grouped by age and category, are suitable for children from four years of age and can be played with young friends or family members. There are endless possibilities of games to choose from, ranging from Hide and Seek to educational quizzes and adventure games.

Children can also use the Swinxs to listen to music or audio books which can be downloaded from the website.

According to Eduard Zanen, founder of Bugaboo strollers and CEO of Swinxs BV, the Swinxs “is specifically designed to stimulate creativity and learning, encourages social behavior and let’s kids be kids again, playing active games inside or in the great outdoors. I am convinced fun-loving active kids, and parents, will choose Swinxs for their active lifestyle.”

Via Swinxs /ICT Viewpoint / Engadget .

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