New system for Overweight and Overheight Vehicle Photo Enforcement

New system for Overweight and Overheight Vehicle Photo Enforcement
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November 19, 2008 If you are already beginning to yearn for the days when road law enforcement and vigilance on the roads was merely token, the long term prognosis is not good. Attendees at this week’s World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems in New York City had a sneak peak of a new photo enforcement technology that is designed to help cities solve the problems associated with overweight and overheight trucks. American Traffic Solutions’ (ATS) Axsis ™ WIM-300 (Weight-in-Motion) system uses a combination of quartz weight sensitive sensors embedded in the road and a roadside system that automatically monitors and isolates heavy vehicles. The sensors read the weight of a vehicle and can detect an overweight vehicle while the Axsis ™ Overheight photo enforcement system uses a laser to measure the vehicle’s height and detect violations.

Images and video clips of the offending vehicles are captured similar to red-light and speed camera images and transmitted to a data center for enforcement. The photographic evidence is reviewed by the local police agency before citations are mailed to violators.

The New York City Department of Transportation has just completed a pilot program testing the new technology

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