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New Voicemail to Text service launched

New Voicemail to Text service launched
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April 2, 2008 The developers of Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition technology have announced Nuance Voicemail to Text, a voicemail transcription service that delivers high-quality readable messages to mobile devices at CTIA Wireless 2008. Offered through carriers, the service uses Nuance's speech recognition and transcription workflow solutions to convert voicemails left on any voicemail box into text. Transcribed messages are sent to users as SMS or email messages.

Nuance Voicemail to Text allows users to read voicemail messages rather than simply listen to them, introducing the opportunity to access and organize voicemails in a more communication-holistic manner. Because the messages are transcribed, users don't have to worry about writing down or losing information while driving or on-the-go. Messages can be saved, edited, forwarded, indexed in an archive and retrieved anytime, anywhere.

"Converting voicemail to text is a powerful and simple concept. But implementing a highly scalable semi-automated service is far more complex and requires highly accurate speech recognition – technology that takes decades to develop," said Steve Chambers, president, mobile and consumer services division, Nuance. "The Nuance Voicemail to Text Service integrates speech technology with over 3,000 Nuance transcriptionists, hosted in a Nuance-owned facility, with proven security, scalability, and reliability."

The new service is based on Nuance's state-of-the-art Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition technology. NaturallySpeaking is the predominant speech recognition engine for dictation and transcription. As the leading provider of speech recognition solutions, Nuance draws on more than ten years of experience implementing, deploying and hostingcarrier-grade speech recognition solutions worldwide to host the Nuance Voicemail to Text for service providers. The system is integrated with any standard voicemail system, so callers can simply leave a message on a voicemail system that's Nuance-enabled, and the message is transcribed to text and sent back to the voicemail platform. Transcribed messages are delivered to users through any messaging medium.

Nuance's fully integrated, carrier-grade end-to-end Voicemail to Text service ensures:

* Accuracy: Nuance's combination of the most advanced continuous speech engine in the world and Nuance's award-winning human transcriptionist services delivers extremely accurate results. The system learns each caller's voice over time delivering improved accuracy and automation rates with use.

* Scalability: Profile adaptation offers a clear path to automation with reduced dependency on human transcriptionists. Thisreduces costs and creates a scalable solution that can grow over time. Nuance's robust speech capabilities coupled with its hosting expertise combine to offer an unrivaled level of scalability to suit business needs/volumes.

* Reliability: Nuance has hosted tier-one grade speech-to-text and semi-automated solutions for more than ten years and has successfully deployed more than 2,500 speech recognition solutions worldwide; the Nuance Healthcare division processes the equivalent of 20 million voicemails per month in medical transcriptions.

* Flexibility: Results returned from Nuance Voicemail to Text to the voicemail service platform are compatible with any distributionmethod, including SMS and email.

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