Night Hawk CCTV cameras capture images in total darkness

Night Hawk CCTV cameras capture images in total darkness
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Wednesday September 17, 2003

The tamper resistant, bullet-style "Night Hawk" cameras from Silent Witness automatically provide 24/7 surveillance by combining a true day/night camera board with built-in infrared LED illuminators that make it possible to capture images in total darkness.

A mechanical filter within the camera automatically switches from colour to black and white and turns on the LEDs when ambient light drops below a certain level, enabling fixed 24-hour surveillance without the need for any human intervention or additional illumination.

The two Night Hawk models - the SWX81 and SWX82 - come with 12 LEDs and 48 LEDs respectively and both cameras feature a ball and socket design that allows them to be swivelled into position and locked into place with tamper resistant screws. The wires are concealed through the stem of the camera into the wall to prevent the connection from being cut.

The machined aluminium housing allows access to the built-in 4.0-9.0mm vari-focal auto- iris lens (F1.5) and camera board so that adjustments can be made on site and there is no focus shift when switching from day to night scene according to Silent Witness.

The cameras are designed to offer a simple surveillance solution for locations such as car parks, playgrounds, universities, offices and conservation areas.

No details as yet on pricing or Australian availability - check back to for updates or visit the links below to learn more.

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