Disappointing battery life was one of the flaws indicated in Gizmag's review of the Nintendo 3DS, back in June. Encased in a gamepad-shaped silicone housing, the Nintendo 3DS Deluxe Power Grip from New York-based manufacturer CTA Digital aims at overcoming the battery life issue by offering an extra power supply, while doubling as a stand.

CTA Digital has already been offering two Nintendo 3DS-tailored grips, but the Deluxe Power Grip is the first one to incorporate an extra battery. Made of silicone, the grip weighs in at 8 ounces (226 grams) and is reportedly durable enough to withstand scratches and bumps, while its shape roughly resembles a game controller utilized in non-portable consoles.

The grip comes with a built-in rechargeable power supply, which reportedly allows users to play the 3DS two times longer than using just the standard battery. As reported in Gizmag's Nintendo 3DS review, the standard 1,300 mAh battery offers 3-5 hours of playing in 3D, or 5-8 hours without the 3D effect. The grip can be charged via a USB cable or the original 3DS AC Adapter.

All the 3DS' buttons, headphone jack, sliders and game slot are accessible when the console sits inside the grip. There's also an integrated stand that allows users to store a spare Nintendo 3DS game underneath when it's folded.

The Nintendo 3DS Deluxe Power Grip is available now, priced at US$29.99.

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