Nintendo has given the world its first look at the Nintendo Switch, the company's long-awaited successor to both the Wii U and 3DS. As rumored, it blends handheld and console gaming in a device you can take anywhere you go.

There are different portable modes to the Switch: including an all-in-one handheld mode where you use it similarly to a 3DS, and a mini-TV mode where you pop out a kickstand for the tablet/screen and use detachable controllers that slide off the sides of the tablet. When you're at home, everything can plug into a big screen and work like a traditional home console.

That's the big selling point – the portability of mobile gaming combined with the power and big screen experience of a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One (though it's unlikely to match those machines in terms of processing oomph). Multiplayer gaming also looks central to the Nintendo Switch.

There's a custom-made Nvidia Tegra processor inside the new gaming device and it uses cartridges for games, but apart from that we don't have much to go on besides the preview trailer, which you can see below. Nintendo has said there are going to be more than 500 games available at launch, from big names including Warner Bros, Ubisoft and Activision.

The stars of the preview video enjoy some Switch gaming action on a large TV, on an airplane and in the back of a van, so it looks like this really is going to be something you can take everywhere with you. Provided you're happy to carry another device alongside your smartphone of course.

The Nintendo Switch goes on sale in March 2017 – no pricing info yet – and you can expect to hear a lot more about it between now and then. You can see it in action for yourself in the video below.

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