Earlier this week, NIO announced its all-electric EP9 supercar had set a new lap record for production cars at the Nurburgring. At the time there was no video of the lightning lap, but we now have the onboard footage from the EP9 piloted around the Nordschleife on May 12. Suffice to say, it's up there with the best hot laps we've seen – provided you can deal with the lack of engine noise.

The EP9 lapped the Green Hell in a blistering 6:45.900, outdoing the Radical SR8LM by just over two seconds to claim the outright production car lap record. NIO already held the lap record for electric vehicles, having set a 7.05:120 time in less-than-ideal track conditions last year.

Although it flies around the corners, perhaps the most impressive thing about the video is how the EP9 just devours the Nordschleife's straights. It's like the video has been sped up, such is the way the car reels in the horizon. Then again, it should be fast with a scarcely-believable 1,342 hp (1,001 kW) on tap. It's just another example that the advantages of electric vehicles doesn't stop with the environment.

Check out the lap in the video below.

Source: NIO