Nissan announces Distance Control Assist System

Nissan announces Distance Cont...
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March 16, 2006 Nissan has announced details of a new Distance Control Assist System, an electronic system that helps drivers control the distance between themselves and the vehicle in front. The system is able to determine the distance to the car in front, as well as the relative speed of both cars, using a radar sensor in the front bumper.

If the driver releases the accelerator pedal or is not pressing the accelerator pedal, the system automatically applies the brakes. If the system determines that braking is required, an indicator will appear on the instrument panel and a buzzer will sound simultaneously. The accelerator pedal then automatically moves upwards to assist the driver in switching to the brakes. The new system is especially useful in heavy traffic when frequent braking is required.

The Distance Control Assist System is the latest innovation developed under Nissan’s Safety Shield concept, and accident prevention and management approach based on the idea of "vehicles that help protect people".

The Safety Shield concept was introduced in 2004, and revolves around Nissan’s aims to help create a safe motorised society in which there are no traffic accidents. The company is continuously working to design and engineer safer vehicles and has set a goal of halving by 2015 the number of fatal and serious injuries involving Nissan vehicles as compared to the 1995 level.

No date has been set for the introduction of the system into Nissan's product offerings.

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Jaguar has had this for several years.