Nissan previews Gullwing SUV concept at 2005 Geneva Motor Show

Nissan previews Gullwing SUV concept at 2005 Geneva Motor Show
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February 3, 2005 The evolving shape of the automobile took an interesting turn today when Nissan revealed a preview of their 2005 Geneva Motor Show line-up, including the Zaroot SUV concept car. The Zaroot is Nissan's vision of how sporty SUVs could look in the future. It combines traditional SUV values and serious off-road ability with futuristic, sports oriented styling. Retaining the traditional design cues of an SUV, the Zaroot's appearance is squared-off, solid and tough looking. It implies strength and security, yet combines these familiar themes with something a little different - a pair of gullwing doors.

The doors dominate Zaroot's profile, extending from the A-pillar to the rear of the passenger compartment, effectively where the C-pillar would be in a conventional vehicle. There is no B-pillar.

If the pentagonal doors define the character of Zaroot, the 'arch graphic' roof line continues a design theme that has featured on virtually all recent Nissan's design concepts. Together they bring increased sporting prowess to an area of the market which hitherto has been seen as little more than utilitarian.

Front and rear styling also adds a futuristic twist to a conventional shape. Zaroot's bluff nose ensures minimum front overhangs and incorporates Nissan's now familiar angle strut grille, though the unusual vertical headlamp cluster brings an almost technical feel to Zaroot's 'face'.

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