Nissan has created the ultimate dog-friendly Rogue crossover with the prototype "Dogue" project vehicle. Designed to have every conceivable option to appeal to dog owners, the Rogue Dogue was created by Dennis McCarthy, car coordinator for the Fast & Furious film franchise. Let the obvious puns and wordplay commence.

Nissan debuted something similar last month with the Xtrail 4Dogs project vehicle for the United Kingdom. Using similar ideas geared towards American dog owners, the Rogue Dogue also adds in a lot of groan-worthy attitude that's sure to elicit eye rolls from those who are secretly entranced by the idea of a family car aimed specifically at the four-legged members.

The Rogue Dogue was designed by McCarthy as a "fast & fur-ious" tribute to the family dog. Special equipment was included, most of which is similar to that shown in the UK last month. Where the UK version was based on a survey of Kennel Club members on that side of the pond, this American Rogue went to the dogs after a survey of dog owners in the US.

With phrases like "more fun that driving around with your head out the window" and "pack-ages" of gear to cater to the dog owner, the Rogue Dogue also has some interesting and even useful ideas incorporated in its pet-centric design elements.

The secured dog bed in the rear cargo area is interesting, but the slide-away dog ramp for easing Fido's entry and exit from the vehicle and the specially-designed pass-through fold-down rear seat section is downright thoughtful. The built-in shower and drying station might be a bit gimmicky, but the easy-clean custom materials and removable pet partition are genius.

Other additions include spill-proof food and water containers that fold down for use, a poop bag dispenser mounted to the inside wall of the cargo space, a doggy first aid kit, harness clips in both the cargo section and the rear seat to keep the pooch in place, and a second row dog hammock for ultimate ride-sharing luxury.

Also included are some cool passive cameras that record the dog's activity during road trips, including one that records things out the window so when your family friend makes friends with people in the next lane, it's ready to be the next viral YouTube moment.

"Everything that we built into the Rogue Dogue project are actually very possible to add to a production Rogue, though you do compromise available rear cargo area slightly for the ramp, storage compartments and the food and water dispensers," said McCarthy. "But really, next to your family, your dog is your most important cargo, so why not?"

Source: Nissan

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