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No-touch toilet tissue dispenser

No-touch toilet tissue dispenser
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July 10, 2007 Public restrooms are not always the most alluring locations in which to deal with nature’s calling and in an effort to make them more hygienic we’ve seen the progressive introduction of touch-free hand-dryers, sinks and soap dispensers, but one key element has been overlooked – toilet tissue. Now Kimberly-Clark Professional has found a way complete the hygienic no-touch restroom with the release of the JRT Electronic Coreless bath tissue dispenser, a system that automatically dispenses a pre-defined amount of toilet paper when users place their hands under the unit.

The unit boasts battery life of more than one year, three different sheet settings - 16", 20" and 24" – sensors that enable installation either side of the stall, a 20 percent reduction in the amount of bath tissue used and 45 percent less packaging waste through its use of coreless bathroom tissue.

Tissue can also be obtained manually by pushing and turning a knob on the front of the dispenser and LED lights alert maintenance workers when paper and battery levels are low. The dispenser also complies with U.S. Federal Disabilities Act (ADA) because of the system's one-handed dispensing.

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