The 2013 Mobile World Congress (MWC) is in full swing right now with all the big players showing off their latest smartphones and mobile technology. But while companies like LG and HP are rolling out smart devices with a wide range of features, Nokia arrived with a stripped-down cell phone aimed at the budget-conscious consumer. The recently announced Nokia 105 mobile phone will retail for €15 (about US$20) and feature a battery that only needs charging once a month.

Most of the phone's features aren't exactly dazzling – 1.45-inch, 128 x 128 resolution color TFT screen, 8 MB ROM memory, no camera – with the notable exceptions of the low price and long battery life. On a full charge, the Nokia 105 can deliver 12.5 hours of talk time or remain powered for up to a whopping 35 days (842 hours) on standby.

It does contain a few basic programs as well, including a flashlight, FM radio (headset required), speaking alarm clock, and five basic games, like Sudoku and the classic Snake. For users in India, China, Indonesia, and Nigeria, the phone will also come with the Nokia Life suite of programs, which provide information and lessons via SMS on a variety of topics – like how to speak English. Finally, the phone incorporates a dust and splash-proof keypad, adding to Nokia's signature durable design.

Simplistic? Definitely, but this is a device aimed at people who just need a phone without many extra bells and whistles. According to Nokia, about 2.7 billion people in the world have never purchased a smartphone, typically due to the price. The Nokia 105 is intended as a mobile phone option that won't cost much and will last a long time. Aside from appealing to those with financial constraints, the Nokia 105 could also work as an emergency phone or as a backup phone for people who don't want to take their pricey smartphone out mountain climbing and such.

The Nokia 105 is available in cyan or black color schemes and will be released in Q1 of 2013 for that bargain price of €15 (about US$20) throughout Europe and Asia.

Source: Nokia

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