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Nokia adds a new capability to the mobile phone - LIGHTWAVE

Nokia adds a new capability to the mobile phone - LIGHTWAVE
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There seems no end to the creative endeavour being focused internationally at present on the device formerly known as the mobile phone. Nokia, the company that pioneered text messaging, picture messaging and multimedia messaging has released another compelling form of messaging that will no doubt become popular in clubs, concerts and parties - Light Messaging.

Nokia's new 3220 camera phone has an optional Xpress-on Fun Shell device with a bright external LED display that enables users to wave their arm and create the illusion of a message floating in mid-air. A grouping of 12 orange LEDs flash the message in the air when the phone is waved from side to side and the message is clearly visible from up to 6 meters away.

A light message can be in the form of short text or a graphic image - and it's possible to choose a predefined text or image from the archive or create your own using the message and image editor software in the phone.

The transparent Xpress-On grips offer a range of light effects to indicate calls and messages, and will even beat in sync with the ring tones. Self-styled cut-out covers and mobile themes, including ring tones, wallpapers, colour schemes and light sequences are all part of the package which is designed to make personalisation simple and fun.

For a different twist, it's now possible to use the Nokia 3220 as a joystick in the motion games that complement the Nokia Xpress-onFun Shell. Players can jump into the game action by tilting the phone to move characters through a series of challenges and tests.

Two motion games are included: SwampRacer, a high-octane airboat racing game, and AirExpress, where you fly freely around an exotic archipelago world.

The Nokia 3220 and Xpress-onFun Shell are planned for release in the Q3 2004 from nokia.

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