There probably isn't one person reading this who hasn't, at some point, erred and accidentally left something valuable behind somewhere. Whether it was a set of keys, a handbag, wallet or smartphone, such forgetfulness would have caused considerable inconvenience. The Nokia Treasure Tag is designed to keep such lapses to a minimum.

The Tag is a small box that you pair with a valuable object of your choosing. This means attaching it physically to the object as well as pairing it digitally to your smartphone. This can be done using either NFC or Bluetooth. Once paired, the object with the Tag attached will trigger an alert if and when it gets separated from the other. So, leave your house without your paired wallet, and your smartphone will notify you ... or leave your house without your smartphone, and the Treasure Tag attached to your wallet will notify you.

As for finding the paired object in the event of losing it, there are two options. If you're within earshot of it, you'll hear the alert tone and easily be able to locate it. Otherwise you can use the Nokia Treasure Tag app to pinpoint the lost object on a map using HERE (formerly Ovi Maps and Nokia Maps). If you decide to purposely leave the paired object at home one day, you can simply deactivate the Tag, put it into sleep mode, or mute the alert.

Each Nokia Treasure Tag unit measures 30 x 30 x 10 mm, or about the same size as a matchbox. This means it's small enough (and light enough at 13 g/0.5 oz) to be attached to a set of keys as a keyring or attached to a handbag as a bag charm. The Nokia Treasure Tag is designed to be used with a Nokia Lumia handset running Windows 8, but third-party applications for iOS and Android mean this isn't a prerequisite to ownership.

The Nokia Treasure Tag isn't the first product of its kind on the market, with StickNFind, Tile, TrackR, and BiKN offering similar functionality. Nokia's offering has an RRP of US$29.90, and is expected to go on sale in April at retailers around the world.

Source: Nokia

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