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Nokia's new fashion range

Nokia's new fashion range
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Forget Wi-Fi, GPRS or PDA functionality. These are the types of mobile phones Paris Hilton would have surgically attached to her ear - the newly released Nokia fashion collection including the 7260, 7270 and the 7280.

Nokia recently released its new fashion range with an ostentatious bash called Totally Fashion in Shanghai earlier this month, attended by a host of international fashionistas, darling.

The phones are a radical departure from traditional mobile phone design with the intention of providing a serious fashion accessory.

The Nokia 7260, Nokia 7270 and Nokia 7280 are all inspired by the glamour and bold styles of the 1920's where art deco meets industrial design.

The 7280 is certainly unique in that it lacks a keypad. Instead the 7280 has a keyless dial, similar in functionality to that on the Apple i-pod. With a high gloss finish it has an active slide that answers and ends calls. It's also a VGA camera that can be connected to a PC or Mac for a range of transfer functions including photos, ring-tones, music and video.

The 7270 is housed in an etched stainless steel case and also incorporates a VGA camera, FM radio and games. While the 7260 is at the forefront of chic haute couture with accessories such as stylish straps and carrying pouches. The design features chrome and steel accents and also incorporates a VGA camera.

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