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NOMEX Oven rack Guard

NOMEX Oven rack Guard
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August 21, 2005 Okay, hands up all those people who cook regularly and don’t burn themselves on the steel oven racks! Aaah, hah, we thought so. So you’ll probably want to know about the Cool Touch Oven Rack Guard, a product whose job description covers only one thing - protecting against accidental burns from touching or brushing against oven racks! Made from a Dupont NOMEX, the same material that protects firefighters and race car drivers, the Cool Touch Oven Rack Guard protects by slowing heat transfer from hot oven racks to your skin. Jazinnovations also has a product that slips over the metal lid handles of cooking pots and saucepans (another “hot spot” that seems to attract people who burn themselves a lot).

Safe for temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, the product snaps easily onto the front rail of most oven racks, and is washable for easy cleaning. The Cool Touch Oven Rack Guard has also been awarded the Cooking Club of America Seal of Approval. The Cooking Club Seal of Approval was obtained after hundreds of home bakers tested the Oven Rack Guard and recommended the product.

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oh the rack\'s burns are for wimps, nothing like hearing your skin cook on the heating element LONG before you ever feel it. Fix that science!