Skiing, snowboarding and motorcycle riding are sports that probably present enough challenges already without an obstructed view of what lies ahead. However, those familiar with these sports have probably had their eyewear fog up at some stage, with the condensation forming on their goggles as they exhale, adding an undesirable degree of difficulty to the ride. Canadian-based start-up North45 has developed a scarf with an escape route for your breath, potentially making those last-second brakes, turns and swerves a thing of the past.

The North45 scarf is made from Merino wool and uses a two-piece design where one part of the scarf wraps around the chin, protecting the neck and lower face, while the second goes across the nose and hangs loosely below. This two-part solution creates a channel for the hot and humid air to escape, meaning the scarf won't get wet and freeze or cause fog to form on your goggles.

Furthermore, the overlapping part of the scarf has a simple magnet which snaps in underneath your goggles, meaning that taking it off and on again should be rather simple and not involve rearranging all of your headwear.

Following the success of its Kickstarter campaign in early 2014, North45 is offering the scarf through its website. It is available in four sizes ranging from junior to large at a price of CAD$49.99 (US$45).

Source: North45

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