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Nowhere Else Road, Nowhere Else

Nowhere Else Road, Nowhere Else
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October 15, 2006 This folks, is a picture of Nowhere Else. Indeed, this is Nowhere else Road, Nowhere Else, situated in Tasmania,Australia’s second largest island. Tasmania has always been one of the most remote places on earth. 20,000 years ago its inhabitants lived further southward than any other humans and the island was chosen as the site for a remote and inescapable penal settlement in 1803 as it is separated from the main continent of Australia by several hundred kilometres of the roughest water in the world – Bass Strait. It is not just remote, being spectacularly beautiful and possibly the most unspoiled natural environment on the planet with a fiercely green vote at the ballot and more than 40% of its of 68,332 square kilometres being National Parks and World Heritage Sites. Taswegian’s are a relaxed bunch, with a reputation for an oddball sense of humour, as evidenced by some of the official town names. Doo Town in Tasmania is a holiday village where all the house names contain doo, such as This Will Doo, Doo Come In, Love Me Doo, Much-A-Doo, and Doo Little. There’s also the quaintly named Tasmanian location of Nowhere Else. Situated 20 minutes from Devonport, Nowhere Else shares a postcode (7306) but has no pub, no council, not even a general store. The general store is nearby but it’s not in Nowhere Else, cos its somewhere else. So when we saw that a property was for sale on Nowhere Else Road, in Nowhere Else, Australia, 7306 we figured that it might be useful to one of our readers, if only for value on your business card. At an asking price of AUD$350,000 (US$260,000) for 40 acres of prime rural land, it's worth a look.

Truth be known, the most suitable vocation for the property in its current context is as a lifestyle farming block amongst other such farms. The property consists of 40 acres of prime rural land surrounded by bush, which includes access to the famous Quilty horse riding Trail, but will suit almost any purpose including breeding horses, cattle, sheep and light cropping.

The three bedroom home is elevated to capture views of nearby Mount Roland and to retain privacy. The property has four dams, two water tanks and a nearby creek supplies the property all year round.

Interested parties can reach the Estate Agent, Apollo by email and view the property online here.

View gallery - 10 images
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