One simple controller to manage your locks, music, thermostat, lighting, appliances and more – that's the ambitious aim of Numio, an ultra-smart Internet of Things device currently looking for funding on Kickstarter. Portable and flexible, it can plug into more than 30 separate apps and platforms, from Sonos to Nest.

If you think the Nuimo sounds familiar, you're right. It's actually version 2.0 of the Flow controller we reported on last year, which was successfully funded through Indiegogo. Senic (the startup behind Nuimo) is hoping a second crowdfunding campaign can get a better product out to more customers. Indiegogo backer pledges will still be honored.

"Creating a second campaign is a way for us to make sure that we can distribute more products that use higher quality material," says the company in a blog post. Over 2,500 Indiegogo backers have contributed ideas and suggestions for this second incarnation of the product.

The key differences between last year's Flow and this year's Nuimo are the number of supported smart home technologies. The device was initially intended as an alternative form of input for computers, smartphones and tablets, but now it's capable of integrating with many more smart systems around the home.

As well as pushing, swiping and turning to provide input, users can also gesture in the air above the Nuimo. It's quite a novel way of turning up the music on your speakers, for example. The gadget can connect to anything that uses Bluetooth LE, while the accompanying iPhone app provides an easy way of switching between apps. Android support is planned in the near future.

On the new Kickstarter campaign, early bird prices start at €89 (US$102), with delivery expected in October if all goes to plan. For a little more you can pledge for a developer edition as soon as July. When it finally goes on sale, the Nuimo is expected to retail at €199 ($227) – that is, unless the developers decide to run another crowdfunding campaign first.

Check out the video below for more examples of Nuimo in action.

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