Everyone loves the idea of a hidden retreat, although guests usually have an idea of where they're headed before committing to a weekend away. But Belgium's Slow Cabins maintain an air of mystery, with the remote locations of these self-sustaining sanctuaries only revealed as your departure date draws near.

Slow Cabins offers cosy off-grid accommodations in the countryside with an emphasis on sustainability, drawing power from rooftop solar, and water through a filtered rainwater system, with a smart display for monitoring the levels of both.

The insulated cabins are kept toasty in the winter with wood-burning stoves, while the kitchen contains a pair of cooking plates alongside a sink, small fridge and a food preparation area. In the bathroom you'll find a shower, wash basin and eco-friendly dry toilet. A fireplace and ceramic BBQ offer warmth and cooking options outside.

A stay also comes with a basket of produce sourced from local farmers and spring water for drinking and brushing your teeth. The double beds consist of eco-textiles layered on a natural latex mattress, with large windows for gazing out into the surroundings.

Slow Cabins offers three styles of accommodation: for couples, families and work-related retreats. The cabins are styled differently for each and vary in size a little, though all still measure less than 40 sq m (430 sq ft) so as to encourage minimal baggage and a peaceful retreat from cluttered city living.

Prices per night are €175 (US$210) for a couple and €185 (US$222) for a family with a two-night stay minimum. The work-oriented "Time for Focus" package is priced at €295 (US$355) per night.

As it stands, Slow Cabins has several retreats hidden away in the Belgian countryside with several more in the pipeline, including plans to expand to other countries in Europe. If you're feeling like a getaway and enjoy an element of surprise, then more information is available via the link below. They'll let you know where you're going two weeks before you arrive.

Source: Slow Cabins

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