Official Adobe de-blur presentation video surfaces

Official Adobe de-blur present...
Adobe's de-blur plug-in in action
Adobe's de-blur plug-in in action
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Adobe's de-blur plug-in in action
Adobe's de-blur plug-in in action

Last week we posted an audience video of a "sneak peek" presentation from the Adobe Max developer conference, that showed a remarkable de-blurring Photoshop plug-in in development. Adobe has now posted their official high quality video of the presentation segment, and the effect is easy to see. Adobe's presentation staging is pretty awesome too.

Videos for others sections of the presentation are available on the Adobe TV site.

Finally...all those episodes of CSI clearing up a blurry photo is coming true!
Sure - IF they get it out in time for CS6, eh? Or perhaps a separate \"Plugin\" for separate purchase, so that I don\'t have to go out and buy a complete update package when the latest version comes along.
So what about it, Adobe? Sell as a separate \"Plugin\" - I\'d rather pay $50 for this Plugin than $300 for an updated version (CS6?) that does everything my CS5 does just fine.
Now, if only a video anti-blur program came out to sort out all of my blurry video\'s...
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