Following its recent Studio iPhone-enhancing case and accessory system, Olloclip has unveiled a new macro lens kit for the iPhones 6 and 6 Plus at this year's IFA. The Macro Pro Lens promises to turn your iPhone into a digital microscope or loupe, and should make it easier to capture arty macro shots of bugs, flowers and the like.

While we've always been happy with the latest iPhones' built-in cameras, they can only go so far when tackling something like macro photography – and that's where clip-on attachments like Olloclip's Macro Pro Lens can come in handy.

The three different lenses attach onto the upper section of an iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and cover both existing camera lenses to increase magnification to 7x, 14x or 21x. The company says its integrated plastic "InstaFocus" hood works like a diffuser, improving lighting and focusing.

The firm rates the 14x lens as able to photograph a thread on a shirt, while it reckons the 21x lens can focus on details not easily seen with the naked eye. Even more impressively, Olloclip reports that optometrists in rural Nepal are using the product to analyze and digitally document cataracts, amongst other uses.

Since carrying around little clip-on attachments is a hassle, the Macro Pro Lens comes with three wearable pendants to carry it on a keychain, backpack, or whatever else. It will ship in white and weigh in at 22.68 grams (0.8 ounces).

The Macro Pro Lens is available now and will set you back US$69.99.

Product page: Olloclip