Olloclip's clip-on lenses have impressed smartphone photographers since they launched on Kickstarter four years ago, and they recently featured in our roundup of the best smartphone camera accessories. Now the firm behind them is returning to the crowd-funding site with a new product, the Olloclip Studio, a photography-enhancing iPhone 6 or 6 Plus case and accessory system.

Similar to other smartphone camera systems like the Manfrotto Klyp+, the Olloclip Studio system is built around a protective case which allows the easy mounting of accessories, enabling users to make the most of their smartphone camera. In this case that includes the firm's clip-on lenses along with various options including a finger grip and cold-shoe adapters.

The Studio case itself has been designed to protect the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus from drops and knocks, meaning there's a reason for leaving it on when not using the case on photographic duty. The bundled Kickstand Clip means the phone can be propped up for a Netflix binge while built-in mounts also allow you to connect a lanyard or wrist strap. Unsurprisingly, the case has been designed so it doesn't get in the way of users who want to attach Olloclip's clip-on smartphone lenses.

However, the most interesting feature of the Studio Case is probably its integrated mounting system. This allows users to quickly and easily mount accessories from the optional Accessory Kit. Within this kit, a distinctive finger grip stands out as being of interest and should allow photographers to maintain a much better grip on their iPhone, irrespective of the angle or orientation of their shot.

Also in the accessory kit are two cold-shoe mounts for attaching lights or microphones, and two 1/4-20 mounts which can be used to attach the iPhone and case to a tripod, grip or handles, in either landscape and portrait orientation. Olloclip hasn't announced what colors the Studio system will be available in as it will survey Kickstarter users to select three final options for backers to pick from.

A pledge of US$35 will get you a Studio Case and Kickstand Clip, while $60 will add the Accessory Kit. If you want the Studio Case and Accessory Kit along with an Olloclip 4-in-1 lens, that'll be $110. There are also a number of pledge levels for bundles including other combinations of Olloclip lenses. Assuming the funding target of $100,000 is reached, and everything else goes to plan, shipping should start in September.

You can check out the Olloclip Studio Kickstarter video below.

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