Running brand On recently installed a temporary cabin in the Swiss Alps to promote its latest collection. The remote shelter is located between the Piz Lunghin mountain and the Lunghin Pass at an elevation of 2,485 m (8,152 ft) and is only accessible by foot.

The On Mountain Hut is clad in galvanized steel. Its interior is finished in wood and it has generous glazing to maximize views of the stunning landscape.

Once inside, visitors are presented with a small living area that includes seating and a table. Nearby is a wood-burning stove, while the rear of the dwelling hosts a bathroom with shower, sink and toilet.

There's just one bedroom in the On Mountain Hut, which is a sleeping loft-style room with large windows that's accessed by ladder.

The shelter runs off-the-grid with a small roof-based solar panel system that produces power for the interior lighting. A rainwater collection and filtration system provides water that's suitable for drinking and there's also a tank installed to hold waste water.

The On Mountain Hut was designed to be easily disassembled and will be removed from the site in a year's time so as to not leave any trace.

"The cabin is completely self-sufficient and will leave no waste behind," says On. "A home for two, it is constructed from sustainable materials in keeping with the alpine setting. It is powered by energy from solar panels. We wanted it to have everything you need to get back to your source – back to nature – and nothing you don't. Reduced to the maximum, distraction free. "

Source: On

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