Regular business flyers will know that planning trips is time-consuming, and that prices can fluctuate significantly. US startup OneGo, however, is out to change all that. It allows customers to pay a fixed monthly fee for unlimited flights on major airlines.

OneGo's service will not only give users the opportunity to save money on their travel, but to eliminate the need for checking the cost of every flight against a budget. The simplified process, meanwhile, will minimize the amount of time required for travel planning and research.

Currently, OneGo is available only in the US. It is possible for users to book direct domestic flights on more than 500 routes through the company's iOS mobile app. An Android app is expected to be released in March, while the firm plans to roll out a desktop platform within the first half of this year.

At the moment, OneGo offers three regional plans and one national plan, with prices starting at US$1,500 a month. Customers aren't locked into a lengthy contract and are able to cancel their plan at any time. OneGo says that, in the future, it will be possible for users to customize their booking via "add-ons," such as for unlimited flight booking changes and last-minute bookings.

OneGo launched in beta in January, before launching to the public today.

Source: OneGo

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