Slovenian brothers Luka and David Dolinšek have joined forces with their father Jure to create a foldable and eco-friendly boat. Following in the footsteps of the Quickboat, Foldaboat and Transporter, the Origo boat comes flat packed, enabling users to transport it directly to the beach or lake before assembling it in under 15 minutes. The family team is currently launching the innovative boat concept through a Kickstarter campaign to bring Origo into full production.

"Our father, Jure, is an adventurous fisherman and as much as he loves fishing, he loves developing innovative ideas," the Dolinšek brothers tell Gizmag. "In the past he came up with numerous designs for a boat, but from different materials and using a different method of assembly. However, the Origo design meant that he could just pack up his boat as he does with his fishing equipment and take it back home, without ever worrying about docking or having trouble with transportation."

The ABS plastic Origo boat is 3 m (9.8 ft) in length, weighs 64 kg (141 lb) and packs down to 280 x 25 cm (110 x 9.8 in), allowing users to fit it in the back of the car and store it at home. Each part slots into place and is held fast with special nylon screws that can be tightened and released without the need for the power tools.

"It took a lot of hand crafting, reworking and testing in order to make Origo Boat a reliable vessel that meets all the certified standard demands for boats in its class," says the Dolinšek brothers. "The choice of a durable yet eco-friendly material was essential and assembly or operation of the Origo Boat requires no special skills."

The vessel comes with two paddles, padded seating for up to four people and can be fitted with a gasoline motor up to 3.5 kW or an electric motor up to 5 hp. The boat can also be fitted with a sailing mast and used a small sailboat.



  • Length (LOA): 300 cm/118 in
  • Width: 124 cm/49 in
  • Height: 60 cm/24 in
  • Draft: 5 cm/2 in
  • Weight: 64 kg/141 lb
  • Capacity: 275 kg/606 lb


  • Length: 300 cm/118 in
  • Width: 60 cm/24 in
  • Weight: 64 kg/141 lb

Super early bird special pledges of US$990 for a single Origo boat are still listed as available at the time of writing, representing a substantial saving on the expected retail price of $2,500. If all goes as expected, shipping is scheduled to start in February 2016.

You can see the Kickstarter pitch video below.

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