New York to expand diesel-electric hybrid bus fleet

New York to expand diesel-elec...
Orion diesel-electric hybrid bus
Orion diesel-electric hybrid bus
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Orion diesel-electric hybrid bus
Orion diesel-electric hybrid bus

December 19, 2007 Public transport organizations in the USA and Canada have ordered a total of 1052 Orion VII Next Generation diesel-electric hybrid buses, giving New York the largest diesel-electric hybrid bus fleet in the world by 2010.

The Orion series is manufactured by Daimler Buses, and the HybriDrive propulsion system is provided by BAE Systems. The buses, which will be delivered to MTA New York Transit and OC Transpo over the next two years.

Hybrid buses offer many advantages over straight diesel models offering better fuel economy and slashing particulate emissions as well as reducing Nitrogen Oxide and greenhouse gases. Series hybrid systems, which use a combustion engine to power both a battery and an electric motor, are also quieter and more efficient at stop-and-go driving.

The Orion VII features regenerative braking, which uses the drive motor to slow the bus, allowing the motor to draw energy from the braking process and reducing brake wear. A majority of Orion VII deliveries will incorporate lithium-ion battery energy storage technology.

“Daimler focuses on shaping the future of transportation through initiatives for greater fuel economy and lower emissions in commercial vehicles,” said Andreas Renschler, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Daimler Trucks Division. “In North America, where public-private partnerships create the right conditions, hybrid buses have proven to be an ideal solution for modern urban city transportation. With the orders announced today, we have again proven our leadership and responsibility in this field.”

This order will bring the MTA’s diesel-electric hybrid bus fleet to almost 1600 units and Orion transit buses will account for almost 50 percent of MTA New York City Transit’s entire fleet. OC Transpo has ordered 202 Orion VII Next Generation diesel-electric hybrid transit buses to be delivered by 2009. This delivery will make OC Transpo the third largest hybrid bus fleet in Canada.

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